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Eid Celebrations!

Guess what Pre-school has prepared yesterday!!! It is yummy, healthy, frothy, sweet… and full of vitamins…And it turns us into super-heroes. Mrs Carmen. has actually checked our muscles and confirmed that we’ve grown stronger today.

We’ve made the yummiest, nicest, smoothie ever. The best thing about it is that we’ve cut all the fruits by ourselves (with very little help from adults). We had bananas, oranges, watermelon, grapes, melons; we tasted each of them and compared them to other fruits, we described the texture and simply just had fun with them. Don’t worry: we’ve washed our hands thoroughly and we’ve talked about rules beforehand… to ensure that we are safe around kitchen utensils. After tea, we went out and sat in the gazebo while “slurping” our yummy smoothies and some of us even had 4 servings!!!That’s how yummy it was. We then froze the leftover smoothie in our lollipop containers and we are looking forward to have them in the following days.

We would like to thank you for joining us during the graduation festivity. It was great having you around, supporting your amazing children on their journey and witnessing such a special moment.

Thank you for your wholehearted help, the wonderful memories that we’ve created together and for your positive feedback… It really made our heart melt. It was an emotional experience and we still can’t believe that our pre-schoolers are moving forward, leaving us behind. These moments will stay with us forever and we’ll miss them so much.

Once again, we are so proud of our little geniuses and their achievements!!! We know for sure that they’ll continue to brighten your lives and grow into amazing adults. We’re extremely grateful for the chance we’ve had in sketching the first page of their future. The multitude of skills that we’ve worked for, has really paid off and… we could not be happier with everyone’s development. Their new teachers were pretty impressed with their qualities and they are looking forward to working with them soon. From the bottom of our hearts: all the best, don’t forget us… and please come back to visit soon!!!

June News

Trip to Urban farm Hounslow was so much Fun!!

We celebrated the Queen’s (91st) birthday with a lovely tea party in the garden. We’ve had yummy pizza, jelly and ice cream and we’ve listened to the national anthem. We drew lots of lovely pictures of the queen and we showed them to her “to see if she likes them”. We then took pictures with her (i.e. her replica) and learned how to make curtsies. We kindly held her hand and talked to her about our family and asked questions about hers. Some of us (e.g. the boys) even kissed the queen’s hand out of respect, saying that they “were gentlemen”. Later on, Mrs Carmen showed us a recent picture of her and the royal family at Madame Tussauds and taught us their names and titles. Overall, it was such a lovely day! Happy birthday to our great queen, Elizabeth II.

“Daddy, I love you
For all that you do.
I’ll kiss you and hug you
because you love me, too.
You feed me and need me
To teach you to play,
So smile because I love you
On this Father’s Day”.

May News

Ducklings Diary – The eggs have arrived !!!

Yesterday, Monkey Puzzle received a “special delivery” from ‘Incredible eggs’ . They delivered 5 duck eggs and set up the incubator and the brooder for us, along with providing the food and the bedding for the ducklings. Once the ducklings have hatched (i.e approx 2 hours after the event), we’ll transfer them in the brooder for extra “fluffiness”.

We are so excited!

The ducklings had the greatest time in the garden today: they enjoyed their first “trip” outdoors and a swim in the deep water! We must say, they are really good swimmers… considering that they are only one week old. Some of them really surprised us with their diving skills 🙂 They loved paddling away whilst the children sat around them, singing “5 little ducks”. Later on, they dried their fluff strutting around the garden.

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February has been jam packed with activity, especially Valentine’s Day, which was full of love, fun and surprises at Monkey Puzzle Twickenham.

Children made gifts,cards and wrote Valentine messages for their parents. In the afternoon, they baked cakes and biscuits for their loved ones and enjoyed the tea party followed by music and dance.

During Circle Time, we have learned about emergencies and how to deal with people who are hurt or ill. We’ve used the Nursery phone to practise dialing 999 and pretended to talk about our emergency with the “operator” in the “control room”. We’ve learned big words like: “CPR”, “chest compressions” and “rescue breaths” and practised saving our baby dolls’ lives while counting to 30. We hope you like our pictures. In case of emergency, dear mummies and daddies, please rest assured that you can now count on us to save you!

We’ve been really excited to receive a visit from the Ambulance service and John, the lovely paramedic who told us all about his work. He taught us how to deal with life-threatening situations, to call 999 and dressed us up into his gear. He also explained how important the ambulance service is for sick people and what we can do to help when we see someone getting hurt. His orange bag was really heavy and it had everything inside: oxygen tank, breathing mask, perfusions, medicines, etc. He also had a special book that told him what type of medicines to administer to the patient in the ambulance, depending on his/her age. He also had a goodie bag with story books and lots of games. We’ve learned so much form John! Thank you for visiting us and we are so proud of the amazing work you do.

We’ve had an amazing day at the Fire station today. The main firefighter was called Neil; he invited us in and was really funny.
We’ve made a long train and squeezed inside the fire station through the small door. There was a huge fire engine by the door, ready for us to explore it.
Neil helped us to get in, one by one, and we loved testing the firefighters’ gear, pretending that we are firemen.
Neil also explained what happens when there is a fire and he asked one of his colleagues to exemplify. You can’t imagine our surprise when all the lights went on and the firefighter slid down the pole and ran to the fire engine. He was so fast! He started the engine and drove around the building.
In the meantime, Neil got the fire gear ready and needed a volunteer to dress up as a firefighter. It was Charlotte and she was so hilarious!
You should have seen her!

Neil took us outdoors where he had set up a small house with four wooden fires, burning the windows. The firefighter helped us to hold the water hose and to aim at every fire in the house. We managed to put all the fires out and the firemen and congratulated us. It was such a fun day that some of us…fell asleep on the bus, on the way back. We’re looking forward to going on a new trip soon!!!

January News

We had a very exciting start to January 2017 and we began by learning about ‘people who help us’. We started by going on an adventure, visiting buildings in and around Twickenham. We met some very interesting people who kindly discussed their job roles with us. It made us realise how much the people in our community do for us on a daily basis and for this we gave them a BIG THANK YOU!

1Later on in the week it got even more exciting! We had a surprise visit from two doctors Dr. Chan and Dr. Emma, who very kindly informed us about their job roles. We had a lot of enthusiastic children who enjoyed learning about all the important responsibilities the doctors have in their day to day lives. We learnt all about medical terms, blood pressure, how to use a stethoscope and how to check heart rates. Our hospital area in the nursery is now in full use and we have plenty of medical supplies to keep everyone in tip top condition. Think we may have a few potential doctors and nurses on our hands!

2This month it was all about role play. With a few new baby brothers and sisters on the way for our Tweenies, we thought it would be a great idea to teach them how to look after and care for babies. We had a lot of bathing, nappy changing, clothes changing and feeding going on. Our Tweenies are now fully prepared for the arrival of brothers and sisters!

3Towards the end of the month on the 28th January, it was the Chinese New Year and what better way to celebrate than to have a special lunch, make dragon masks and make a big dragon! We then performed our very own version of the ‘dragons dance’, and finished off our day with a trip to the Chinese restaurant that one of our lovely parents invited us to. We absolutely loved the story behind Chinese New Year and it was fun to learn about a different culture!

4To finish off our month of learning about ‘people who help us’, one of our kind parents came in to talk about his job role as a pharmacist. He taught us about special medicines and how we have to be careful when around them. We don’t want them to be mistaken as yummy sweeties! He explained that we must only take medicine if prescribed by a doctor and under mummy’s and daddy’s supervision!