September News

What a fulfilling and emotional month we had at Monkey Puzzle Twickenham. We celebrated Eid, decorated cards, made crescent cookies and danced to music. As part as our Harvest topic, we went shopping and bought extra food to donate to the lovely people at Brinsworth House. They were really excited to see us: they asked us to sing for them and they clapped and cheered after each song. They loved our food donations and told us to thank the parents for their generosity. They also said that we made their day happier and wanted to “adopt us all”. They invited us again and we promised to visit them soon. Special thanks to all the parents who have kindly donated food. It is greatly appreciated, so thank you.

Our “Farm to fork” project continued with another visit to Tesco. We learned about food ingredients and making healthy choices. Fred, the baker, invited us inside and explained the process of making bread. We learnt about the special machinery that does the kneading and mixes the ingredients for the dough. We then saw small loaves of bread, that looked like ‘flattened meatballs’, stored into a warm oven. We all said that it looked like “a huge refrigerator”. The baker said the warmth “helped the flour rise” in the dough. Afterwards, we saw Fred shaping the size of the loaves into rectangular trays and using a ‘peel’ to insert them into the big oven. The smell of the freshly baked bread made us hungry and Fred kindly sliced one loaf for us through another machine. All in all, we had a great learning experience. Thank you, Tesco…we are looking forward to visiting you again.

Babies have been enjoying lots of activities around their “jungle” theme. They have been using paint and other materials to create their own animals and enjoying small world play with lots of natural materials. They visited our local park to collect some branches and leaves for their jungle small world.

Our preschool children came into nursery to show everyone their school uniforms. We must say, you looked very smart and grown up in your uniforms and we were excited to see you as we miss you loads. We wish you good luck at your new school!!