May News

Ducklings Diary – The eggs have arrived !!!

Yesterday, Monkey Puzzle received a “special delivery” from ‘Incredible eggs’ . They delivered 5 duck eggs and set up the incubator and the brooder for us, along with providing the food and the bedding for the ducklings. Once the ducklings have hatched (i.e approx 2 hours after the event), we’ll transfer them in the brooder for extra “fluffiness”.

We are so excited!

The ducklings had the greatest time in the garden today: they enjoyed their first “trip” outdoors and a swim in the deep water! We must say, they are really good swimmers… considering that they are only one week old. Some of them really surprised us with their diving skills 🙂 They loved paddling away whilst the children sat around them, singing “5 little ducks”. Later on, they dried their fluff strutting around the garden.