March Roundup

World’s Book Day!
All the children came dressed up as popular book characters and brought their favourite story book from home, in order to share it with peers and teachers. We had Goldilocks, Snow White, Batman, The Red Indian, Peppa Pig and many more, dancing away and reading stories to each other, throughout the day. We’d like to thank all the parents for making an impressive effort and sending your children in these beautiful outfits.

Visit from TFL
We had the greatest surprise ever! A huge double-decker bus was waiting for us, outside the nursery. We followed our teachers outdoors and we were greeted by Warren and Peter, the friendly bus drivers that drove bus 681. They let us explore it’s two levels and guided us on board, showing us the emergency exits and explaining the health and safety rules of travelling on a bus. They also advised us not to place our feet on the seats, not to bang our feet against the bus panel and not to press the STOP button more than once… because it may upset the driver. They said that we are not allowed to stand up while the bus is moving and we must always hold on to the handlebar. It’s been a great discussion because we’ve learned so many useful things!!!

The highlight of the day was being able to sit on the bus driver’s seat, wear his hat and “drive” the bus, while our friends were waiting for their turn. At the end, the kind drivers offered each of us lovely presents: pencil cases with writing materials. Thank you TFL for a great learning experience.

Here, at Monkey Puzzle, we love learning about different cultures and people. This week we’ve learned about Holi. It is a Hindu celebration, also known as the festival of colours. Do you know why people celebrate it?

It celebrates Krishna and the legend of Holika and Prahlad. It was originally celebrated in North India (where it is a national holiday) but has now spread in many parts of the world. It marks the beginning of spring, usually in March.

We celebrated Holi outdoors and it was the funniest activity of the week. We played chase and dyed each other with dry powder and coloured water. We danced and had so much fun together. We even got the teachers’ white tops coloured. We all laughed at each other when we saw how dirty we were. We even stepped in paint and mixed colours with our bare feet!

At the end, Mrs Zafira cleaned all of us and we ran inside to dry our feet and change into clean clothes. We’ll definitely never forget our Holi experience!

We are so proud to announce, once again we have received a 5 star food hygiene rating followed by an unannounced visit from Richmond Council food inspectors. Well done to our chef Lee and the whole team at MP Twickenham for maintaining the high food and hygiene standards.

Food Hygiene Rating 5

Red Nose Day
Monkey Puzzle would like to thank our parents for their generosity during Red Nose Day. We’ve also organised a small sale outside our gates and, altogether, we managed to raise around £130 for charity. Wow! We’ve exceeded our expectations!!! We are so proud of ourselves and our efforts.

Role Play
Some of our children told us that daddies also needed acknowledgement “for helping mummies a lot” and they are looking forward to surprising them on Father’s Day. It’s not so long until June, daddies, so… get ready! Until then, we’ve been trying to compete against you, fixing the roof in our Builder’s Yard, hammering nails, drafting architectural plans, etc. We looooved being little builders…as you can see in the pictures below. Thank you for being really great role-models!

This afternoon, Pres-school took a short trip cross the road to visit our neighbours at Ravens Roofing where they got to see a range of materials and the forklifts they use. Our pre-schoolers also got the opportunity to sit in the forklift. It was a very interesting visit. Thank you Raven Roofing .

Mother’s Day Breakfast
We would like to thank all the mummies and grannies that came for our Mother’s Day breakfast. We had an amazing time, full of joy, cuddles and kisses…and a few tears, here and there, when our lovely mummies had to go back to work. Thank you for making our day so special and we are definitely looking forward to having the next one. We hope that you’ll love our presents. We can’t really say what they are…but we are really excited to gift them to you.

I made this picture myself, it took a long, long time.
It may not be quite perfect, but you can be sure it’s mine.
Every little brush stroke, splattered here and there, took lots of concentration, time, thought and care.
So as the months go past, and I grow up so fast, you can look at my painting, and remember days gone past.
Happy Mother’s Day

Police Visit
A few words about the context of our last learning experience and “the fun” we have at Monkey Puzzle, on a daily basis. All areas of learning and development are important to us but we think that our children’s PSED is quintessential.

This week, during Circle Time, we have discussed about “wrong and right”, “superheroes and baddies”, “positive behaviour, breaking rules and consequences”, etc. We then extended our children’s learning by inviting a local Police crew to talk to the children about making the right choice and keeping themselves safe. Simon, the lovely officer, explained the Police actions to us, showed us their gear and even allowed us to wear some of their Police hats. They said they loved our “Police station” role-play and “the jail” and then, they invited us outdoors, to have a go at sitting in the Police van and turning the sirens on. It was really loud but we have enjoyed ourselves so much! The Police officer also told us to “make sure that we inform mummies and daddies not to use their phones while driving” because “it’s dangerous” and they “can get into trouble”. We promised to let them know.

The Police crew were very generous: they’ve brought lots of goodies and fluorescent stickers for us to stick on our bags. This was another exciting experience and we made sure we drew a picture about it and shared our thoughts with our friends and teachers.