July News

Eid Celebrations!

Guess what Pre-school has prepared yesterday!!! It is yummy, healthy, frothy, sweet… and full of vitamins…And it turns us into super-heroes. Mrs Carmen. has actually checked our muscles and confirmed that we’ve grown stronger today.

We’ve made the yummiest, nicest, smoothie ever. The best thing about it is that we’ve cut all the fruits by ourselves (with very little help from adults). We had bananas, oranges, watermelon, grapes, melons; we tasted each of them and compared them to other fruits, we described the texture and simply just had fun with them. Don’t worry: we’ve washed our hands thoroughly and we’ve talked about rules beforehand… to ensure that we are safe around kitchen utensils. After tea, we went out and sat in the gazebo while “slurping” our yummy smoothies and some of us even had 4 servings!!!That’s how yummy it was. We then froze the leftover smoothie in our lollipop containers and we are looking forward to have them in the following days.

We would like to thank you for joining us during the graduation festivity. It was great having you around, supporting your amazing children on their journey and witnessing such a special moment.

Thank you for your wholehearted help, the wonderful memories that we’ve created together and for your positive feedback… It really made our heart melt. It was an emotional experience and we still can’t believe that our pre-schoolers are moving forward, leaving us behind. These moments will stay with us forever and we’ll miss them so much.

Once again, we are so proud of our little geniuses and their achievements!!! We know for sure that they’ll continue to brighten your lives and grow into amazing adults. We’re extremely grateful for the chance we’ve had in sketching the first page of their future. The multitude of skills that we’ve worked for, has really paid off and… we could not be happier with everyone’s development. Their new teachers were pretty impressed with their qualities and they are looking forward to working with them soon. From the bottom of our hearts: all the best, don’t forget us… and please come back to visit soon!!!