January News

We had a very exciting start to January 2017 and we began by learning about ‘people who help us’. We started by going on an adventure, visiting buildings in and around Twickenham. We met some very interesting people who kindly discussed their job roles with us. It made us realise how much the people in our community do for us on a daily basis and for this we gave them a BIG THANK YOU!

1Later on in the week it got even more exciting! We had a surprise visit from two doctors Dr. Chan and Dr. Emma, who very kindly informed us about their job roles. We had a lot of enthusiastic children who enjoyed learning about all the important responsibilities the doctors have in their day to day lives. We learnt all about medical terms, blood pressure, how to use a stethoscope and how to check heart rates. Our hospital area in the nursery is now in full use and we have plenty of medical supplies to keep everyone in tip top condition. Think we may have a few potential doctors and nurses on our hands!

2This month it was all about role play. With a few new baby brothers and sisters on the way for our Tweenies, we thought it would be a great idea to teach them how to look after and care for babies. We had a lot of bathing, nappy changing, clothes changing and feeding going on. Our Tweenies are now fully prepared for the arrival of brothers and sisters!

3Towards the end of the month on the 28th January, it was the Chinese New Year and what better way to celebrate than to have a special lunch, make dragon masks and make a big dragon! We then performed our very own version of the ‘dragons dance’, and finished off our day with a trip to the Chinese restaurant that one of our lovely parents invited us to. We absolutely loved the story behind Chinese New Year and it was fun to learn about a different culture!

4To finish off our month of learning about ‘people who help us’, one of our kind parents came in to talk about his job role as a pharmacist. He taught us about special medicines and how we have to be careful when around them. We don’t want them to be mistaken as yummy sweeties! He explained that we must only take medicine if prescribed by a doctor and under mummy’s and daddy’s supervision!