August News

August has been full of fun in the garden and the children have been making the most of the lovely weather.

All the children loved the teddy bear picnic party. They all brought their favourite teddy from home and we arranged lots of activities with them throughout the day. In the afternoon the children made ham, chicken, cheese and jam sandwiches for the picnic party and enjoyed eating it all outdoors. Later when it was getting too hot in the garden, we all sat in our outdoor classroom and enjoyed having ice lollies

Babies have enjoyed activities related to their “Beach and Summer” topic. Charlotte and Karmjeet took them to the local beach park so that they could build sand castles and explore the climbing frames. They had so much fun!

Tweenies have enjoyed their topic of the month, The Jungle. When Sobia changed their role-play area into a lovely jungle, the children were really excited to discover all the animals. They investigated them through play and learned facts about their habitat through books and stories.

It was such a wonderfully warm day at the end of the month, we thought what better way to enjoy the sunshine than having a paddling pool and BBQ party in the garden. It turned out to be such great fun as the children loved playing with the water and thoroughly enjoyed their burgers with lots of cheese and ketchup. All of this followed by home-made ice lollies that the children had made the day before. We are definitely planning another day like this in the future!