April 2016 Roundup

The theme for April in Preschool room is “Building & Structures”. Our little builders have been very busy working on some exciting construction projects.

All the children in the nursery thoroughly enjoyed learning about and celebrating  Vaisakhi. We had a very busy day with lots of Punjabi Bhangra music, dancing and playing ‘Dhol’, the Indian drum. The children made kites and were learning to fly their kites in the afternoon. Lee made us the traditional Vaisakhi dessert called kheer.

Much fun was had celebrating Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday along with St. Goerogre’s Day at Monkey Puzzle Twickenham. We made a St Georges Day cake and had a tea party with crowns and face painting.

Pre-schoolers took a trip to visit the Gurdwara (Sikh temple). At the Gurdwara we looked at the giant dome, learnt all about the 5 K’s and what they were. Once we did this we got to throw some money into a little pond of water which was very interesting. We then slowly made our way into the main prayer room where Karmjeet and Nihal both showed us how they pray. We listened to some religious prayer songs which was very peaceful and relaxing. All of a sudden our bellies began to rumble so we went to the hall where everyone eats. We tried some new and very delicious food. We ate lentils and chapattis with yoghurt and finished the lovely meal with some traditional dessert, kheer (rice pudding). Overall we had a fantastic time and we hope we can go to other places of worship and a Gurdwara again.

We wished Freddie a very Happy 1st Birthday this month. We hope you had a lovely day baking your cake with your friends.