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July News

Eid Celebrations! Guess what Pre-school has prepared yesterday!!! It is yummy, healthy, frothy, sweet… and full of vitamins…And it turns us into super-heroes. Mrs Carmen. has actually checked our muscles and confirmed that we’ve grown stronger today. We’ve made the yummiest, nicest, smoothie ever. The best thing about it is that we’ve cut all the […]

June News

Trip to Urban farm Hounslow was so much Fun!! We celebrated the Queen’s (91st) birthday with a lovely tea party in the garden. We’ve had yummy pizza, jelly and ice cream and we’ve listened to the national anthem. We drew lots of lovely pictures of the queen and we showed them to her “to see […]

February News

February has been jam packed with activity, especially Valentine’s Day, which was full of love, fun and surprises at Monkey Puzzle Twickenham. Children made gifts,cards and wrote Valentine messages for their parents. In the afternoon, they baked cakes and biscuits for their loved ones and enjoyed the tea party followed by music and dance. During […]

January News

We had a very exciting start to January 2017 and we began by learning about ‘people who help us’. We started by going on an adventure, visiting buildings in and around Twickenham. We met some very interesting people who kindly discussed their job roles with us. It made us realise how much the people in […]

December News

We would like to say a big “thank you” to all the parents and grandparents joining us for the Nativity play. Our children made us really proud today. They were amazing. Well done to all the Mummies and the Daddies for helping them practise their lines at home. It was a great help. We’ve rehearsed […]